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Africans telling the African World Cup story - in pictures, text, sound and multi-media 

Africa Media Online is offering the most comprehensive pan-African features coverage of Africa's first World Cup, with over 100 journalists in 34 African countries producing in-depth, fairly timeless features relating to African football and the impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on African life.  Over 300 features - images, text, audio and multimedia - will be produced by the Twenty Ten project. Funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery enables this content to be available per item or on a monthly subscription at surprisingly low rates.

The Twenty Ten programme is a collaboration between World Press Photo, FreeVoice, Africa Media Online, and lokaalmondiaal with funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.


Over 300 productions were created in the 10-month period to the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. These include photo features, text articles, radio features and multimedia productions.  All produced by Africans telling the story of the first African World Cup from their own perspective.

Features can be browsed or individual images searched for by keyword. 


Per file - Images, audio files and multimedia files can be bought individually. 

  • Go to Africa Media Online main site to sign up - from there the images can be priced and purchased individually
  • Contact or call +27-33-3459445 for assistance

Per package - Features can be bought as a complete package. 

  • Photo-features: Images and text
  • Audio features: Sound file and script
  • Text file: Full text article
  • Multi-media:
  • Contact or call +27-33-3459445 to discuss rates

Subscriptions - Features and all individual media from Twenty Ten can be accessed on subscription by newspapers and websites. 

  • Photo features - Newspaper res images
  • Text articles
  • Radio features
  • Multi-media:
  • Contact or call +27-33-3424315 to discuss subscriptions

Training for photographic entrepreneurs:

Out of the Twenty Ten project came a free resource for professional photographers in the Majority World aimed at ensuring they can compete in both local and international markets for photography.  This resource, called Shutha, can be accessed on