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Vuvuzela Ownership

Andrew Kabuura/Twenty Ten

Location: Durban, South Africa

AUDIO: Controversy over the origins of the vuvuzela.

Associated Features: Mighty Vuvuzela (Text feature)Vuvuzela Day (Photo feature), Vuvuzela takes on the World (Text feature), Vuvuzelas with a difference (Photo feature about seaweed vuvuzelas) and Vuvuzela Orchestra (Audio feature)

CUE IN: For the first time, the 2010 FIFA World cup hosting rights were awarded to Africa. With the announcement, the continent broke into celebration and many could not wait for kick-off. However, controversy soon broke out over the adoption of the plastic horns, popularly known as the vuvuzela, as the sound of the tournament. Many players and coaches said it was too loud and should be banned from the stadiums

Our reporter Andrew Kabuura is in Durban, South Africa to report on a church that claims to have invented the popular horn.

FX: Vuvuzela sound plays and fades 00:3secs

INTRO: The vuvuzela, the long stadium horn, you can also say the crowd lifting instrument. Call it anything!

Blow it loud, you will create a buzz and those next to you will ask which football teams are playing. It has become synonymous with soccer especially during the 2009 confederations cup and 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

However, apparently its origin has nothing to do with football…

FX: Nothing to with football clip 00:09 secs

LINK: Jija Mptaha is a pastor at The Shembe, also known as the Nazareth Baptist Church, in South Africa

FX: Never existing clip 00:10secs

LINK: On arrival at the church, I find the congregation dancing to music from the Vuvuzela, which is accompanied by drums and whistles.

FX: Church sound with vuvuzela and dances 00:05secs

LINK: With the instrument getting popular world wide, reports emerged that the church is planning to sue the other manufactures on grounds of copyright. However, Pastor Jija Mptaha denies these press claims.

FX: No suing clip 00:09 secs

LINK: It has had such an impact on the soccer loving fans that today it’s also taken to night clubs and parties, especially in Africa.

FX: More sounds of vuvuzela playing and fades 00:06secs

LINK: Debate has been hot on who invented the now popular vuvuzela. South African popular soccer fan, Freddie "Saddam" Maake, claims to have invented the instrument as early as 1965 from a bicycle horn, while records show a plastic trumpet has been used in Mexican stadiums since the 1970s.

However, the pastor says the church retains its stance of owning the instrument, and says it has only been modified.

FX: Modified clip 00:10secs

CUE OUT: The vuvuzela has become very popular, especially in the football world, and, like any other famous object, the question is: Who is responsible for its existence?

FX: Two more clips of pastor speaking 00:10secs

Reporting for the Twenty Ten programme in Durban, South Africa, this is Andrew Kabuura.

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