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From Prison to Pitch (SV)

Shravan Vidyarthi/TwentyTen

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

After spending four years in prison for armed robbery, Kuria Eddie Wamuiya emerged a changed man. Determined to make something of himself, he joined the Jericho All Stars, a football league team and community-based organisation for youths in the Jericho Estate in Nairobi.

It was there that he discovered a passion for soccer and a sense of purpose for his life. Learning the importance of playing as a team and the necessity of hard work and discipline gave the ex-convict invaluable skills.

Not only has Kuria’s life changed as a result of Jericho All Stars, now many others are being recruited thanks to his mentoring. As an ambassador for the team, Kuria encourages young people to stay clear of crime and focus their energy on something more constructive, like sport.

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