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Farm Football (LM)

Leonie Marinovich/Twenty Ten

Associated features: Home made soccer, Kenya (Photo feature), The Peoples hero, Nigeria, Footballs made to last, Zambia, Docteur des ballons, Togo and Handmade Soccer, Ethiopia

Location: Mazabuka, Zambia

Deep in the rural heartland of Zambia, in Mbiya Camp, a young boy can be found with a handmade soccer ball in hand, taking a break from his farming duties to hone his skills.

The Kandundu family live on a small farm in this area and make a living growing maize, cow peas, cotton and a variety of other crops. The sons help around the farm, tending to the crops and doing most of the hard work around harvest time. But for this young boy, football is his passion.

Not having a proper football has proved no deterrent to the youth, who fashioned his own out of plastic bags and bits of string that he found in and around the farm. Although not ideal, the ball is strong enough to withstand a lot of soccer practicing, and the boy has high hopes of one day kicking a brand new football around with his friends.

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