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Fans, fun and football

The frivolous and the festive. The painted faces and the illuminated stadia. And of course the vuvuzela in all its glory and contention.

Associated photo features: Kickoff concert, Taxi ferry, Denmark vs Hollands, Diepsloot fan park, Wrapped in orange, The Grand Parade, Sea of Orange, Kenya's fan

Associated multimedia feature: Diski Dance

Associated text features: Dutch Fan Walk, From Kampala to Rustenberg

Associated features on vuvuzelas: Vuvuzela Madness (Photo gallery), Vuvuzela Day (Photo feature), Vuvuzela takes on the World (Text feature), Le vuvuzela (French translation), Vuvuzelas with a difference (Photo feature about seaweed vuvuzelas) , Vuvuzela Orchestra (Audio feature), Vuvuzela origins (Text feature) , Vuvuzela Ownership (Audio feature),Vuvuzela Worship (Photo feature)

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