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Death of a Legend (AJ)

Ahmed Jallanzo/Twenty Ten

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Location: Orange Farm, South Africa

The late Mvulani Sam Moruti was a legend in his own right. As well as contributing significantly to the formation of the Soccer Legends Association, he also invested his time and resources in developing football in his community from the grass roots up.

Most of the soccer legends in Moruti’s community were unemployed, and he generously supported them with both financial and material aid. The Government has been criticised for its treatment of retired stars when it can afford to spend so much money hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Moruti was hailed for his concern and willingness to address their plight.

Mourners gathered at the Orange Farm community centre to pay their respects to such an upstanding member of their society. Prayers were said and hymns sung in memory of a man who will be remembered as a legend by generations to come.

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