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Criminal Relocation (AK)

Andrew Kabuura/Twenty Ten

Location: Witbank, South Africa

AUDIO: Gun trafficker's South African dream doesn't come true.

CUE IN: For many African immigrants in South Africa, life is tough! Andrew Kabuura met Bruno Tshombe, a former gun trafficker in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, turned hairdresser in Witbank, East of Pretoria. Bruno talks to the Twenty Ten reporter, and expresses his desire to return his native Congo.

FX: Sound of gun shots plays and fades 00:04secs.

LINK: Gun shots are not strange or something new to people living in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in particular Bruno Kyombe. The area has been marred by a civil war between government troops and Interahamwe rebels.

FX: More gunshot sounds 00:03secs.

LINK: Kyombe has helped transport guns from Burundi to rebel bases in Congo almost all his life, and even though all started well, he says it changed his life for the worst.

FX: His Collaboration 00:010secs

LINK: The Interahamwe killers were the main organizers behind the 1994 Rwandan genocide, where about 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered. Even to this background, Kyombe says he had no option but to help in the rebellion for financial reasons.

FX: To earn money 00:11secs

LINK: After two years of successfully transporting the guns, Kyombe’s luck ran out. He was arrested, tortured and escaped captivity. He therefore had to flee the country for safety.

FX: Fear to be beaten 00:10secs

LINK: His brother here in South Africa, quickly borrowed some money and sent it to Kyombe in Tanzania. On receiving the money, he quickly started this long and dreadful journey.

FX: Journey to SA 00:14secs

LINK: According to Kyombe, travelling to South Africa was a dream come true. He had arrived in the Promised Land. He joined his brother to operate a road side salon in Witbank town so to survive. However, life in Africa’s biggest economy has not matched his original script at least by the income.

FX: Earnings 00:09secs

LINK: His brother Kalwira Joseph says the working conditions aren’t anything to write home about and regrets having allowed his brother to join him.

FX: Wake up at 6am-6pm 00:10secs

LINK: So, what started as a successful escape from troops in Congo, has turned into a struggle to live and make some money in South Africa.

FX: Local music plays.

CUE OUT: They say, “East or West, home is best”, and to that effect, father of one, Kyombe Bruno, hopes to return home some day to once again live with his widowed mother and friends.

FX: Local music plays and fades 00:04secs

For the Twenty Ten programme in Witbank, South Africa, this is Andrew Kabuura.

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