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Africans Get Ready

African communities in South Africa gear up to support teams.

Kofi Adu Domfeh – Luv 99.5Fm Ghana/TwentyTen

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

SCRIPT: African Nationals living in South Africa are mobilizing themselves to launch a World Cup winning campaign for their national teams when the tournament kicks off on June 11.

They are looking forward to joining hands with other national supporters unions from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria who will be trooping to South Africa to compete with fans of the host nation in the quest for victory.

These nationals are defying challenges in accessing match tickets to turn out in their numbers to cheer their teams on and offer maximum support in the camps and stadiums.

In the following report, Kofi Adu Domfeh appraises the World Cup euphoria in Johannesburg and assesses the readiness of the Ghanaian community in the city to be part of the tournament.


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The streets, townships and shanties in Johannesburg mirror the feeling that indeed the world is coming to Africa. Signs of the football tournament abound in the city with flags of the host nation doted on billboards, buildings, cars and anywhere possible. Of course, other participating nations are represented in one way or another.

Radio programmes on local stations are full of World Cup-related promotions and endorsements.

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Now, amidst the excitement and euphoria around the soccer fiesta, nationals of the four participating African teams living in South Africa are gearing up to see their teams to the finals of the tournament.

I travelled to Troyeville in search of Ghana House, a popular Ghanaian community in Joburg.

Prince and Maxwell spoke to me about the preparedness of the community to be part of the game.


However, access to tickets remains a major challenge to African nationals here in South Africa who want to be part of the game, and Ghanaians are no exception, but they are really determined to make it to the stadium.


Indeed the hope is to see Ghana qualify to the finals, but the continent would have won if the game is successfully hosted in South Africa.

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Sign out: Kofi Adu Domfeh reporting…


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