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2010 Close-Ups

Shabba Kgotlaetsho/TwentyTen

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Working for one of South Africa’s top national newspapers when the country is preparing to host the FIFA World Cup tournament is a chance of a lifetime for photojournalist, Dudzile Zitha.

The time of preparation for the soccer showcase has presented photographers with many opportunities. Whether it’s charting the rise of stadiums such as the impressive Moses Madhiba Stadium in Durban or the huge Soccer City in Johannesburg, or capturing the beauty of some of the country’s top tourist spots in a bid to attract foreign visitors, journalists have been spoilt for choice.

As the football teams take up residence at their bases and the fans start to arrive in droves, photojournalists such as Duduzile will be working overtime to cover the highs and lows of hosting an international event, with their lens always on the look out for that perfect close up.

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