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Mon Idôle

Jean-Pierre Kepseu/Twenty Ten

My Idol (English below)

Location: Hamdallaye District, Burkina Faso

L’amour pour le football est un phénomène commun à tous.
La plupart des jeunes africains rêvent de devenir de grandes stars.
Cela se manifeste dans leur vie quotidienne à travers la représentation de leurs idoles dans divers milieux, objets, gadgets, maillots.

The love of football is a well-known phenomenon. Men all over the world support their local and national team with passion and faithfulness. Whether it is by wearing football shirts in their team’s colours, or painting the faces of famous players on the walls of bars, their dedication to the sport is religious.

Most fans favour a particular player. Be it a neighbouring star such as Didier Drogba from Ivory Coast or Ghana’s Michael Essien, or an international star like the French player, Djibril Aruun Cissé. The supporters wear the name and number of their favourite on their football shirt, or put posters of them in their homes.

As South Africa prepares to host the FIFA 2010 World Cup, soccer fans in Burkina Faso and throughout the continent are preparing to follow the highs and the lows of their football idols.

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