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Fashion and football (ME)

Mohamed Elmasry/Twenty Ten

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

There are over 250 languages spoken in Nigeria. The country boasts around identifed 350 tribes. There is significant diversity in culture, social standing, fashion, interests, and … yet one thing unifies people from all over the massive country – football. The game bridges a hundred divides.

Nigerians from every tribe and language, male and female, with fashion trends opposite ends of the scale – hold one thing in common; the sport they are passionate about. Football brings the diverse together; from the modern young lady posing on the beach barely clad, to the religious Muslim lady wearing her head scarf. Age does not matter. Nor does religion. Nor does style. Football is for all.

These photographs explore the variety of Nigerians' taste in fashion and clothing style, with the one unifying symbol – the football. As the Nigerian team dives into the 2010 World Cup, their supporters will be of one heart and mind – to see their country make Africa proud.

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