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Technology and football (AJ)

Ahmed Jallanzo/Twenty Ten

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Whether they are gathered around the only television screen in their community centre, or vying for position on the street outside an electrical goods shop in down town Lagos, Nigerian football fans are getting greater exposure to live matches than ever before.

Advances in modern technology have meant that even the poorest communities can mount a satellite dish on one of their houses so that locals can follow their favourite teams. It has meant that those who cannot make it to stadiums in the country to watch live games can get together around the television instead.

Men, women and children are developing an interest in football here, especially in the run up to the FIFA World Cup soccer showcase. When a qualifier was played between Nigeria and Mozambique, fans throughout the city flocked to their nearest television set to support their nation.

This has meant that local businesses that are invested in the technological industry have benefited hugely. There has been a creation of jobs, an increase in the sales of electrical goods and the opportunity for other businesses to attract customers by installing a television on their premises.

As Nigerians prepare to chart to progress of their national team in the World Cup, many young, aspiring footballers have set their sights on pursuing their passion until they too can represent their country.

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