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Football brings hope (DK)

Desmond Kwande/Twenty Ten

Location: Mbare suburb, Harare, Zimbabwe

A group of local women, moved by the hopeless future of HIV/AIDS orphans, pooled their resources to set up the Matapi Women Traders Cooperative (MWTC) in Mbare suburb, Harare.

The cooperative enables the women to care for the children of their former colleagues by buying and selling vegetables. Money raised through the project goes towards the education of the children in their care, in an effort to steer them away from a life of destitution.

Carrying baskets of vegetables on their heads, the women walk together from their homes to the markets to sell their wares. They form pyramids of tomatoes for locals to buy, and pass their afternoons talking in the shade while shoppers browse their stalls.

Set against a backdrop of poverty and escalating crime, the MWTC has made it possible for their children to receive football coaching and move one step closer to achieving their dream of playing professionally. In the run up to the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament, local boys like Tatenda and Tafadzwa participate in the excitement by pushing themselves even harder during their training sessions.

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