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Artistes de la Plage

Jean-Pierre Kepseu/Twenty Ten

Lieu: Durban, South Africa

A l’occasion de la Coupe du monde FIFA 2010, de jeunes artistes venant de quelques pays voisins d’Afrique du Sud démontrent leurs talents sur la plage Sud de Durban. A l’aide du sable, ils représentent des scènes courantes en mer, dans la forêt , dans les villes et surtout des objets qui ont trait à ce grand événement mondial. Leurs œuvres attirent de nombreux visiteurs et ils en profitent pour recevoir quelques motivations et gagner un peu d’argent.

Beach Artists

Location: Durban, South Africa

Walking along the South Beach in Durban it’s not just sand and washed up bits of seaweed that you might find. If you are lucky, you will see sand sculptures of the South African flag, the World Cup trophy and even the Moses Mabida Stadium.

Artists such as the talented South African Vusi Ndlovu, or visiting Mozambiquan artist, Maurice Jacke, use the beach as their backdrop for showcasing their works of art related to the soccer showcase.

The sculptures catch the attention of tourists who take photos and praise the artists for their handiwork and ingenuity. Many make financial donations to support the artists in their work.

Whether it is a hand-built figure of an African elephant or a car fashioned excellently out of sand, the hosting of the FIFA World Cup on African soil has given artists like these the kind of exposure they would rarely have received otherwise.

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