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Xenophobia Awareness

Andrew Esiebo/Twenty Ten

Associated features: Overcoming Xenophobia (Audio feature), Xenophobia in Witbank (Audio feature) and Xenophobic Fever (Text feature)

Location: Sebokeng, South Africa

Football tournament to raise awareness of xenophobia.

Associated Features:

When xenophobia raised its ugly head in 2008 in South Africa, the world was shocked by the intolerance that existed between local people and those who had come from other African nations to work in the country. For a small group of Orange Farm residents, however, spreading a message of unity and acceptance is very important.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup on their doorstep, the idea to combine raising awareness of xenophobia with a football tournament greatly appealed to the local community. Under the inspirational leadership of Bricks Mokolo, former soccer hero and ANC activist, a match was organised at the Sebokeng Sports Centre. As President of Soccer Legends, Mokolo’s football contemporaries participated in the tournament, as well as lots of the local men and children.

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