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Mulenga at Home (RM)

Richard Mulonga / Twenty Ten

Location: Kitwe, Zambia

Associated feature: An African Summer (Text feature)

Jacob Mulenga returns home to visit family and friends.

After a successful season with Dutch football side, Utrecht, Zambian-born Jacob Mulenga returned home for a few weeks to visit his family and friends.

With such limited time to spend with his nearest and dearest, Jacob makes the most of visits home by seeing lots of his siblings, his parents, his extended family and his friends. Afternoons at the Mindolo recreation dam provide him an opportunity to relax with friends, read and walk along the water’s edge where he once swam as a boy. He also likes to walk the streets of his native suburb of Parklands where he often bumps into old friends he once played soccer with on the streets. As a professional footballer in a European club, these kinds of encounters are priceless, as much time spent away from Kitwe leaves him homesick.

When he’s not out and about, Jacob passes his days playing computer games or listening to music with his brothers. He also helps his older sister, Sylvia, in the garden or with the chores. These domestic responsibilities are a far cry from the life he leads in The Netherlands where tough training regimes and discipline are the order of the day.

Once an ordinary teenager from a small Zambian neighbourhood, Jacob has been propelled to glory, recently helping Utrecht to win their first ever Europa Cup place. Despite his rise to fame, the family-orientated youth cherishes his trips home to his native land.

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