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Township Rentals (JN)

Jose Njagi/Twenty Ten

Associated features: Alexandra Guesthouse (Multimedia feature), Township Guest House (Photo feature) and Township Hospitality (Audio feature)

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Township residents rent their houses to tourists.

Residents of some of South Africa’s most impoverished townships, Soweto and Alexandra, could put many to shame with their hospitality. By opening up their humble homes to soccer fans visiting the country for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, locals here have made it possible for tourists to have an authentic township experience.

The likes of Ulani Ngwenya and Alina Thonjeni have worked hard to make their homes welcoming to international visitors. Not only can they offer comfortable living conditions, they can also provide extensive first-hand knowledge of life in Johannesburg’s most notorious areas.

By running accommodation ventures in the area, people like Ulani and Alina hope to benefit from the unprecedented influx of tourists to their country. They hope that not just the high class hotels make money from the World Cup, but that people will be interested enough to visit the townships of South Africa and spend their money there.

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