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Street Photographer (NR)

Nikki Rixon/TwentyTen

Location: Polokwane, South Africa

Walking through the park in the town centre of Polokwane, it would be impossible to miss street photographer, Phineas Molwantwa. The 51-year-old father of four lives 20km from the town. He has a small home at the foot of the hill, where he grows his own corn and breeds pigeons. But Phineas also has an inspiring entrepreneurial vision which he realizes through street photography.

Every day he travels by bus to Polokwane with his camera and his printer. He sets himself up in the park and takes pictures of passers by, charging R20 per print. With a background in photography that dates as far back as 1975, Phineas has a good eye for that perfect snap.

With the FIFA World Cup being hosted in South Africa, and one of the stadiums on his doorstep, Phineas has enjoyed the business that this has brought him. Whether he’s taking photos of Algerian fans hugging South African locals, or tourists out for a walk in the park, this street photographer is delighted to be benefiting from the soccer tournament.

“I didn’t have any idea how the World Cup would turn out, but I am very happy to be part of it. I will take this opportunity to photograph the tourists and make some money to support my family.”

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