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Stadium Workers (DM)

Davison Mudzingwa/Twenty Ten

Location: Soccer City, Johannesburg

Construction workers fear post-World Cup retrenchment.


South Africa is overjoyed to host the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, but there are mixed reactions from construction workers who are faced with job losses and an uncertain future. What really stings is that they haven’t received the tickets to the World Cup matches that they were promised by FIFA. Some of them, immigrant workers, are very worried by the perspective of repeat xenophobic attacks after soccer tournament is over.
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LINK: The countdown to the world cup in South Africa is approaching fast.  Posters, flags and billboards decorate main streets of Johannesburg, heightening expectations. The possibility of stars such as Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba missing the tournament due to injury does not seem to have affected the mood. While soccer supporters in the commercial city of South Africa are visibly excited, construction workers involved in Johannesburg’s iconic Soccer city stadium are not particularly happy.
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LINK 2: Workers at the Soccer City stadium, also referred to as the African Calabash due to its shape that resembles an African clay pot, are seen putting final touches to the remaining scaffolding work. Zimbabwean Bongani Ncube is a contract worker here. Dressed in a red work suit, he contemplates the next move as his contract expires at the end of the project.
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LINK 3: I managed to buy clothes for my family through proceeds from construction work, but now I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, Ncube says. And as a foreigner Ncube is taking threats of xenophobic attacks after the World Cup seriously.


LINK VOICE OVER: I’m saddened by the threats, I’m no longer settled here and I can’t plan. I fear a repeat of 2008 hate attacks Ncube adds.
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LINK 4: Thamsanqa Zhou’s dream of watching his favourite Ivory Coast stars such as Solomon Kalou is fading fast. This after the FIFA Local Organising Committee failed to fulfil its promises of granting them free tickets as a token for building the stadium.
CLIP 2: ZHOU—00:10”
I feel happy that I have made something that will stand for a long time, but the only sad part is they did not give us the soccer tickets they promised us
LINK 5: For Mandla Mangena, a two-year journey is coming to an end and bringing new opportunities.

Investors will come here and new construction jobs are going to be available.
LINK 6: It’s an opinion many South Africans held when the country was granted the right to host the tournament in 2004. But asking the views today, mixed reactions will come out.
For the Twenty Ten Project, this is Davison Mudzingwa in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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