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Docteur des ballons (KT)

Kokou Tadegnon/Twenty Ten

The Football Doctor

Associated features: Home made soccer, Kenya (Photo feature), The Peoples hero, Nigeria (Photo feature), Footballs made to last, Zambia (Photo feature), Handmade Soccer, Ethiopia (Photo feature) and Farm Football, Zambia (Photo feature)

Lieu: Lome, Togo

A Lomé, Etry Akoly, alias le "Docteur des ballons" fabrique des ballons de football à la main. Il fabrique des ballons avec des matériaux locaux.

Location: Lome, Togo

Etry Akoly, otherwise known as 'The Ball Doctor', makes hand-crafted footballs in a small studio in Lome, Togo. He uses only local materials, and employs his brother to help with the construction of the balls.

Soccer enthusiasts in the area flock to The Ball Doctor for repairs, or whenever they want to purchase one of his hand-made creations. To have such a personalised service makes them proud to support the business.

When not busy at work in his shop, Akoly likes to watch the locals playing soccer using one of the balls he has made. In the dusty streets of Lome, aspiring footballers can often be found kicking a ball about, or organising matches where they can showcase their talent.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup having been hosted on South African soil for the first time, The Ball Doctor is hopeful that there will be an increased demand for his hand-stitched, unique footballs in the wake of the tournament.

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