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Fabriquants de Maillots

The fabric of football (English below)

Lieu: Côte d’ivoire

En Afrique, et particulièrement en Côte d’ivoire, le football, sport Roi et facteur de regroupement, a favorisé beaucoup d’activités lucratives telles que les académies de foot, la fabrication de ballons de foot, la confection de gadgets à l’effigie de stars africaines de foot, la confection de maillots, etc…

Cette dernière activité est celle qui a le plus attiré notre attention. De la confection locale avec des moyens artisanaux jusqu’à la mise sur le marché de ces maillots, nous avons suivis les différentes étapes.

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast

In order for a football player to look the part, someone, somewhere made his kit. In the commercial district of Abidjan, a small workshop can be found where men and women work hard to produce football shirts that are individually stitched, and then printed by professional calligraphers.

First, the material is chosen and the pattern cut to specific measurements. Next, a sewing machine is used to put it all together, before it can be given to the calligrapher. Using a tailor-made stencil, he prints the football shirt with a number or logo, and then sets it outside to dry. Later, the finished shirt is checked and sent out to be sold.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup having been hosted on African soil for the first time, the owners of these small workshops hope that demand will increase for their product so they can clothe the soccer-loving locals in style.

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