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Soweto street bash

Simone Scholtz/Twenty Ten

Location: Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Pulsating music, laughter, dancing and drinking – these are some of the defining features of a Soweto street bash. Local young people gather in pubs, which naturally overflow into the surrounding streets, and party the night away in South Africa’s largest township.

Street bashes are very popular here, and have evolved over the years into an expression of modern youth culture. They are social getaways for those who work long weeks, and places to meet and have fun with those in their community.

With the FIFA World Cup 2010 soccer showcase around the corner, South Africa will be opening its arms to people from all over the world. Keen to sample a bit of the local culture, it is expected that some will want to join the street parties in the townships. Will they be welcomed? Or do the party-goers prefer to keep to themselves?


The name says it all. It is a party that has been organized, but mainly participated in a street. If you can look at the residents of Soweto, their yards are too small. If you have more than 100 people coming through, eventually all of them will end up being in the street.

The culture of Soweto is a human being will only survive based on other people.

Living in Soweto and hanging out at these places we enjoy ourselves quite much. We treat ourselves like Americans, Portugese. We don't live like these people from Soweto, cause these people from Soweto they treat themselves like shit.

This is a way of life. But anyway, Soweto is a cool place. Twenty Ten is around the corner. You can enjoy yourselves at the street parties, but make sure that you carry yourself protection, because sometimes it can be rough. You know.

My name is Clama, Clama Fit. I did not learn from anyone I was just born with it. It is manna from heaven. It's a gift from God.

A lot of people think South Africa is a bad country. Some before thought that South Africa is a country where you will find lions walking in the street. It is just that people here in South Africa are scared of the world as people out from here are scared of us. But we are not, we are friendly. We are lovely. It is a free and it is a happy country.

I think the perception is that a black man will always be dangerous. What I have come to learn is that it is a stigma. It is like HIV. It is fear. They fear the black man, cause he is gonna reiterate for the wrongs in the past. But what actually black people like is to hang out with white people.

The way I am dress now, I am dressed in a mini dress. Of which a lot people tend to look at it in different way, especially when it comes to sex appeal. They could think I am selling myself or I am looking for guys. Like I'm looking for an intension. You become highjacked, you become raped, touching you were you don't wanna be touched. It 's much better in a pub, because there is security.

There is already a couple of people from overseas that are attending bashes. I think they are actually spreading the word to those that are coming. That, you know what, there is a specific area in Soweto where you can go. There is all these nice people. There is this kinda music playing. They are obviously gonna come.

Twenty Ten and parties goes together so lest enjoy ourselves. Have a blast in Soweto.

Bra, Soweto rocks. It is the place to be.

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